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unable to receive SMS


My porting just took place and both of my numbers work fine for voice calls.  However, I'm unable to receive SMS on them.  My 10DLC brand is approved, and my campaign is (And has been for weeks now) in 'pending' status.  However, I found a conversation here on the Zoom forums stating that SMS should still work for <1000 sms per day while the campaign is pending.  I only send/receive 5 or fewer messages on an average day so that should be fine.  Anyhow, I have SMS enabled in Account Settings>>Zoom Phone>>SMS, but my numbers still show as messaging disabled.  Any ideas?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @Tawnytim.


The 10DLC rules only apply to OUTGOING messages; incoming messages are not affected. Please confirm that external phone numbers are able to RECEIVE your outgoing SMS messages.


If I'm reading it correctly, your post says you're unable to RECEIVE texts on your Zoom phone numbers.  This implies a permissions or configuration issue.  I've sent you a private message here on the Community with my contact info for some additional help.

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Hi @Tawnytim 

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