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Is it Possible to Disable Emergency Location or Notice on per user basis


Here is the scenario.  I remote from DC. My main office is in Atlanta.  I am logged into zoom on both.  Why?  I am glad you asked, I use Microsoft RDP on a mac and unfortunately when doing a zoom meeting there is not VDI for Mac's to work with Microsoft RDP so in order to get the video and audio quality, I have to take the meetings on my zoom and not inside the RDP.  With that being said, I am CONSTANTLY bombarded all day long with emails saying I need to update my emergency location or I get the red location symbol.  I am not the only one as I have other users who are experiencing the same.  No matter how many times I or they update it, a day or two later it's requesting to update again.  I am an admin and we have sites.  I don't want to disable on the whole site but I also don't want to keep getting these messages.  Is there a work around for this?  Thanks in advance.