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Uses all resources. Overheats my 2-in-1 and I can't use it.


First thank you to anyone who can help me solve this. Thinking about ditching zoom for a different app because of these issues.

I teach classes online. After these latest updates. Zoom with nothing else open uses 100% of my CPU and I have to run my 2-in-1 fully updated Dell xps 15 with my house AC turned down to 50 degrees to allow me to write on the screen with stylus.

I notice using task manager that zoom opens up 13 instances of Microsoft edge webview2 in it's drop down menu. I can't uninstall edge. I am forced to have it. my default browser is set to Firefox. How do I stop this? I also need to be able to reduce the resource hogging of zoom. One app should not be demanding 100% of my cpu and memory also very high. This is causing it to overheat and then the only way I can teach is to unfold the laptop which then doesn't fit on my desk properly and I can't write properly on the screen.
Aside from Zoom opening the Edge webview2 issue, what else can I change without sacrificing the quality of my classes(I need close to instantaneous writing on screen as it's a fast paced class). No one has cameras on.

One last side note: Zoom whiteboard I know have to press 5 buttons to delete page contents and get a fresh whiteboard, It used to be two buttons. trash can then clear screen. Who thought this was a good idea? Further if I change to a new page. My students pages are not changed to that page. They still see page one and don't know I am on page 2 of whiteboard. Did Zoom really not think this update through? Every student must then manually change their page to page 2. so frustrating.