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Email Link to meeting is wrong


Is anyone else having this issue? When I create a new meeting using the Zoom PC app, and click on schedule, I can create the meeting add my guests and then hit "save". at this point the zoom app opens an outlook window to save and send the invite. However, for some reason the invites always get placed on my Outlook account and not my business account. What am I doing wrong? How is the Zoom app associating my scheduled meeting with an email address that IS NOT associated with my Zoom account?



I have the same problem. I set the

meeting, add attendees via email, enter the emails, click send and the emails come from my work account (@companyname) and not my aol account, the ONLY acct set up with Zoom. How is Zoom checking into all my accounts?  I turned off my @companyname account and then I was only able to send via text. I actually had to call my company and tell them these emails would be coming.   Since we were setting up a zoom wedding for the grandmas who couldn’t attend and were leaving for an out of the country wedding that was my last choice after four hours of trying to figure it out.   ZOOM, figure it out please! 

I barely opened it. 

i figured it out. its a setting in oultook. go to your File/Account Settings/AccouintSettings(dropdown) window pops up then navigate to Data Files tab locate the email address you want associated with zoom and set it as your default. now when your zoom client opens you outlook to create a calendar invite it will open event invite for the default account. test it. it fixed mine immediately. you must do this on all computers that run outlook. its not global and doesnt sync across devices.