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Zoom Website and App keeps changing meeting times without me asking


Help! I'm ready to pull my hair out.

Since the clocks have changed in the UK, my Zoom has gone crazy.  I schedule an appointment through the Zoom website login.

For example schedule it for 2pm-3pm, it shows as 2pm-3pm.
I send it to attendees and it shows them the appointment from 3pm-4pm.
The Zoom App will also show me 3pm-4pm.
I sync to my calendar and it shows me 3pm-4pm.
However the original schedule in the Zoom log in is still 2pm-3pm.  


I've checked my settings and I am in the correct time zone too. 

 It's making me look really unprofessional and also totally messes up the availability and appointments in my diary. Clients think I'm changing times from what we've agreed so messing up their appointments too.

I've recently moved back to Zoom in hopes of ease for my clients, but it's causing me endless problems with this issue.

 Does anyone have any solutions, please?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @brandingbyzaria.


Be certain you’ve checked time zones across all devices, including the time zone on the Zoom Web Portal in the Profile tab:


That’s usually where I see people have the wrong time zone setting. 

I’ve checked with other UK associates, and they’re not experiencing any issues with this. 

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