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Zoom Survey & Polls Central Library Issues


With the new Survey & Polls Central Library my team is struggling. Since there is no way to assign polls to meetings now they must see every poll they created in a meeting and try to sort through them to find the specific polls they need for a meeting.


Some of my team members host multiple events a day every day and having to sort through the library to find the polls they need specifically is becoming an issue.


Is there any plans to mark polls to not show up in all meetings or assign polls to specific meetings so that they don't need to sift through every poll they need going forward?



We're running into this also. Any help/guidance is appreciated!


I would also like an answer to this question! This library will rapidly get out of control.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi tim_l,


Consider using meeting templates.


Please see Cat Mulvihill's youtube

Zoom's Poll Library and Meeting Templates - YouTube


Creating personal meeting templates


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thanks,  eliot

Hello Eliot - Thank you for the reply.  I am not sure those solutions will fix the issue many users are experiencing with the new change Zoom recently implemented.  As more background, I use Zoom for custom training.  The polls for each of my Meeting events are unique to the meeting.  I add 16 specific polls to one event.  And then 16 completely different polls to another event.  This was easy two weeks ago.  Now, it does not appear to be an option and Zoom Online Support does not have any answers.  Given the volume of trainings we conduct, I don't want yesterday's polls showing up in tomorrow's events.  16 polls is enough for the trainer to look through while on a live event.  Having 100+ polls in there is impossible to manage.  


Hi Tim.  Until Zoom provides a better answer, what are you doing?  Is your team deleting polls every day or two just to keep the number of polls manageable for those conducting the meetings?  We use 16-32 unique polls every day.  That makes an unmanageable mess very quickly.