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Revoke licenses of paid subscriptions


Zoom has revoked my two paid annual subscription licenses without notice. 

Zoom billing confirms payments were made successfully in April 2023 with renewal in April 2024. 

Customer support tells me they saw me sharing licenses and so the system revokes my licenses automatically. 

There was no policy change notification (I shared my license once in August 2022 without issue) I checked them all. I'm a nerd and save them. 

  • Zoom did not warn me of this policy change. 
  • Zoom did not notify me that they revoked my paid annual subscriptions. 
  • I have no access to my paid annual subscriptions -- value €78 -- for 30 days. Without any notice from Zoom. 
  • They just tell me to buy more licenses -- not how many, not why -- just buy more stuff from us. 
  • Even customer support had no information other than: buy more licenses and you'll get your access back. 

Can they do this?

This seems like fraud. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee