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Delete Account - Can't Log-in as account email does no longer exist


At my work I have inherited 3 seperate Zoom accounts. 

I need to close down 2 of them. 

When the 2 members of staff left, their emails were removed from our system, meaning they no longer exist. 

Those staff emails had been used to make 2 paid Zoom accounts. 

I now can't log into those accounts as the 'Verification Code' is going to email accounts that DO NOT EXIST. 


I can't get in touch with Zoom customer support as I can't log into the accounts to have access to the support. 


Any help appreciated! 

Can I turn off the Direct Debit and Zoom will eventually shut us down for not paying?


I'm in the UK and the accounts are standard 'Zoom 1 Pro' accounts (though they were set up in 2020...)