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2FA can F-Off


I have a basic account and I didn't intend to set up 2FA. Now I cannot find where the Zoom authenticator code is being sent (no hints, no nothing). I cannot find a Recovery Code for the account NO MATTER WHERE I LOOK, and I cannot submit a ticket for support because it is only a basic account.  The only way I could get into THIS Community was to set up a new Zoom basic account (WITHOUT 2FA) with a different email account. OF COURSE this is not ideal, as I have literally DOZENS of upcoming meetings scheduled through the other account. 


I cannot even upgrade the account to Pro to get the necessary support because I cannot sign into that account! I have a buttload of meetings coming up and I really need to be able to log in and out of my main account! I do NOT have a 'pro' account but need access to my original basic account STAT. One of my meetings starts in 45 minutes!