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Bogus Auto-Renewal


CHECK FOR BOGUS AUTO-RENEWALS. I have a basic pro zoom account. I did not select auto renewal when I switched from monthly payments to a single annual subscription in January 2022. My plan expired on Jan 10th, 2023. I did not receive an auto renewal notice – or any communication from Zoom at all regarding any matter. Zoom is attempting to collect (a lot more than I paid last year) for an annual subscription that was not agreed-to. This is Day 2, and Federal Law requires a 3-day cooling off period. I contacted an agent via online chat to switch to monthly payments instead. The Zoom agent -- "Kennan" --  refused to make any changes until my "unpaid balance" was settled.  Finally I insisted that my account be terminated; he advised that I follow the steps to cancel the subscription. I did. However, Zoom ALLOWS NO CHANGES – INCLUDING CANCELLATION – until all “outstanding charges“ are paid. In other words, my "cancellation" today goes into effect IN **2024** AND NOT NOW.  Zoom's position is that I have 363 days left on an account that I do not want, and that I have to pay for it; Zoom cannot provide proof that I consented to auto-renewal; and Zoom will not discuss anything or allow any changes until I pay money that I did not agree to in the first place. PS. As I was going through the cancellation steps, pop-ups offered a lower rate – that it won’t allow me to use because I "owe money" – and also offered me the option to switch to monthly payments – which it will not allow me to do because of the bogus outstanding invoice. Zoom is hitting my credit card for the money and will keep doing so, per the Terms & Conditions. The REALLY distasteful bit is that I had the agent confirm in writing -- three consecutive times -- that Zoom would make no further attempts to collect the unagreed-to balance, and that there would be no reporting to credit agencies. Also a lie. I have printed the chat. "Billing" responded to my written complaint with "refer to the Terms & Conditions." I AM GETTING RIPPED OFF. 



I have also been charged for a professional account that I did not order and I can’t get zoom to refund the money. My bank tells me that to refuse payment based on fraud I’ll have to get a whole new credit card, which is annoying.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @krm17 and @Annoyed , thank you for your contributions to the Zoom Community!


I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to answer billing and invoice inquiries in the Zoom Community as it requires checking personal information. However, I would suggest taking a look over the following article as it provides some insight into canceling as well as auto renewals: Canceling your subscription


Thank you, 

Zoom Community Team