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Hello, I'm a zoom account holder and I have different devices in my home. However, my features for the Samsung, Apple, and HP computer are different. Oh and for my devices such as Samsung tablet, iPad, as well as the cell phones. I purchased a HP chr...

Resolved! Signing in to zoom

Hi, I am a Insurance Agent and all my father Important documents are in the Office tablet.But my father is Unable to sign in to Zoom from my tablet any Suggestions?


Spoiler (Highlight to read)Good afternoon can someone please help me?My zoom audio on my Lenovo IdeaPad three is just not working. I have restarted my computer and I have checked the drivers and I don’t know what’s going on! Can someone please help m...

polling session

I created polls to use on meeting.It worked well before the meeting but during the meeting, it didn't work with this message. ->"You are logged in from another device. Your polling session is inactivated." (the message was in Korean, so I translated....

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Resolved! Strange artifacting when sharing screen

I've used Zoom for over a year now . I didn't use as a host much this summer. I just started classes again and I've been hit with strange artifacts wen I'm sharing a screen. I have a MacBook Pro and a Macbook Air. When I share a screen, my viewers ge...


An employee wants to conduct a Webinar via Zoom, but our account is not Pro level, which is required for webinars. Is there a way to create privacy in a regular Zoom meeting where the host can delete attendee names? I'm in a bit of a crush to figure ...

Unable to schedule meeting on web browser

Hi, I am a paid user. Previous I was able to schedule zoom meetings on web browser. Recently I tried doing so but was not able to ie to save. I need help to solve this. Using the desktop app I am able to schedule a meeting. May I know is it set as th...