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more zoom in resolution when viewing others shared screen

I have seen this feature in webex but I haven't seen this in zoom (macos version). My work environment requires a lot of screen sharing. Here is the issue, my colleagues might be have a larger screen and I only have a 27 inch one or 32 inch one. So e...

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Scheduling virtual interviews

I have the free plan where my meetings can be up to 40 minutes. If I am scheduling back to back interviews, can I use my personal meeting room and schedule 30 minute meetings from 9-12pm or do I need to schedule them differently with each candidate h...

Whiteboard Collaboration

I am struggling to find away to invite external guests to our organisation join us on a white board.Says our settings are set that way, I am the admin and cant work it out!Any advice please!

Image on Whiteboard easily erased

Hello. I tutor math, so I frequently need to put an image of the problem up and then use the writing tools to show steps etc. However, the eraser tool will usually erase the image first. Undo does work, but it always puts the image back as the top la...

Whiteboard Snap-to-Grid

We collaborate using a Zoom whiteboard, that has lots of small objects that we use to drag and drop into lists. It never consistently snaps to grid correctly, resulting in a messy looking board. Sometimes it will, but other times no matter how little...

Joining meeting timeout issue on Zoom API

I’m using Academy LMS script with Academy LMS Live Class (zoom) Addon. This addon asked me to enter api key and security key, I did. Then I start a meeting via the zoom app and save the id and password to the system as a teacher. When i try to connec...