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Zoom Room Dell Optiplex 5000/7010 with Dell 24" Touchscreen USB Controller - Crashes computer


We've been having problems with our zoom room dell computers. They're running win11 with a kiosk user and uses a Dell 24" touchscreen as the controller. The problem is that every now and then (especially in our more frequently used rooms) the computers crash for no apparent reason. The touchscreen freezes and does not accept input, we can't remotely connect to the computer and we cannot plug in a keyboard to troubleshoot. The computer is dead. Right now our sollution is to physically restart the computer, which is not a viable option at this point.

My question is if someone else out there is having the same problem and if you have found any solution?

I have a ticket with zoom support but I wanted to see if the community has some information regarding this that I cannot seem to find or have heard of.

Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I would open a ticket with Dell support as well - Zoom and Dell will continue to bat the ball back and forth to dodge liability, then the issue will magically be fixed in 6 months if history is any example.

Zoom will also be quick to mentioned that this monitor is not on their "Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware" list, so they can't confirm it'll work or hold stable.


As always - update drivers, update Zoom.