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Orientation Issue - Android phone




I have a Google Pixel 7a phone. 

When I join a video call, my camera is in portrait mode. If I try and turn my phone landscape, the video turns sideways rather than the camera switching to landscape mode. Ie, the view stays in portrait mode but my camera is showing everything on its side. 


I can't see any options to rotate my camera manually. Is there any way for me to manually ensure my camera switches between portrait and landscape mode (either before or during the call)? 


Thank you in advance!


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi e11ie00,


does your google pixel 7a have auto-rotate screen turned on?

settings->accessibility->auto rotate screen.

do you have the latest zoom android version installed?

Release notes for Android  


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thanks,  eliot

Thank you for your reply! 


Yes, my phone is set to auto rotate and I've got the latest version installed.


It still won't rotate from portrait to landscape and vice versa, but I can join the call in landscape and it'll stay in landscape (but I can't then switch to portrait during the call).