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Best Zoom Approved Phones with possible SIP


I've read through the approved hardware list and am still confused.  The Cisco video capable phones all appear to require a firmware update that will ultimately disable wifi functions and the Yealink video phones all seem to have Note B which states that the SIP function will not work.  Please Help!  Looking for easiest possible setup!


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi cuylerhanna,


The zoom phone appliance user guide explains the capabilities of zoom phone appliances.  If these capabilities are what you need, then a zoom phone appliance would be a good fit for you.

Zoom Phone Appliance user guide

Zoom Phone Appliance admin guide

Certified Zoom Phone Appliances


Some zoom phone users are happy with a windows or mobile client and do not require any hardware-based phone.

Downloading the Zoom desktop client and mobile app


Other zoom phone users are happy with a hardware-based phone but do not need the capabilities of a zoom appliance.

Zoom Phone Certified Hardware 


All zoom phone certified devices are excellent.  For training and support considerations, I would suggest selecting one hardware vendor and one or two models.


Zoom also has hardware as a service.  One advantage is no capital expenditures.  Other advantages are preconfigured phones and appliances and replacement hardware.


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thanks,  eliot

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi cuylerhanna,


Three additional considerations.


Desk Phone Features

Zoom has frequently updated support articles which show which desk phones have which features.  Some features may be critical for you and others not so much.  Some desk phones were optimized for a vendor’s own voip system and others were designed to support the most popular voip systems such as zoom phone.

Supported desk phone features (


Platform Features

Zoom has a support article providing a comparison of features available by platform such as windows and mobile apps.

Zoom Phone feature comparison by platform


Desk Phone Pricing

You can get an idea of the street price of hardware phones from vendor websites, telephone hardware dealers and retailers such as amazon.  Just Google what you are interested in.  If you want the hardware dealer to support your phones, make sure that the dealer is an authorized dealer.


If you are tempted by the relatively low price of used desk phones, make sure that the desk phone can take advantage of Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and it not an End of Life model.  ZTP means you can assign the desk phone to a user on the Zoom Phone system and then plug it in.  Once you plug the phone in to your data network, it will automatically be provisioned by Zoom.  To enable ZTP, the desk phone must be removed from any previous voip system and been factory reset. Make sure the dealer confirms to you that the phone is ready for ZTP.


You can also see pricing for leasing desk phones and appliances from Zoom’s hardware as a service.