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Simultaneous Ring Call Queue


We're currently experiencing an issue with our call queue setup on Zoom. We have it set to simultaneous ring, and it calls the agents for 30 seconds. However, after the initial ring, it doesn't call the agents again, and the customer remains in the call queue indefinitely.


Is there a way to configure the call queue so that it continually calls the extensions until someone answers? Any guidance or tips would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi norubit,


You can set the Max Wait Time from 10 seconds to 30 minutes, the default is 30 seconds.


After the Max Wait Time is exceeded, the call is routed as you specify in routing options.


  • Max Wait Time: Select the total maximum wait time allowed in the call queue, then click Confirm. When the maximum is exceeded, callers will be routed based on the Overflow option.
    Note: When changing this settings, keep in mind your call distribution method and ring duration time (if applicable).
    • Simultaneous: Rings all available members for the specified max wait time.
    • Sequential: Rings available members one at a time for the specified max wait time. Make sure the ring duration for each member is set at a lower value than the max wait time.
    • Rotating: Rings available members in a regularly changing order for the max wait time. Make sure the ring duration for each member is set at a lower value than the max wait time. 


  • Overflow: Click Edit to customize the routing options when the Max Wait Time or Max Call in Queue is exceeded. By default, calls are routed the call queue's dedicated voicemail inbox.


Routing options

You can also customize how inbound calls are routed during business, close, or holiday hours; and for overflowed calls. Select one of the following options in the Route to drop-down menu, then use the text box to specify the route:

  • Voicemail
    • Allow callers to reach an operator: Allow callers to press 0 to reach the operator, or press 1 to leave a voicemail message. The operator can be set to any phone user, call queue, auto receptionist, or shared line group. 
      •  Leave voicemail instruction: If you enabled the above option you can can customize audio that plays after the initial voicemail greeting above. This greeting should include the instructions for leaving voicemail. Play the default greeting for an example. Click Audio Library to customize audio.
    • Greeting & Menu or Voicemail Greeting: Click Audio Library to customize audio. The greeting plays before routing the call.
      • If routing to another extension's voicemail, the voicemail greeting you set will override the greeting set for that extension.
      • If you're routing to a phone user's voicemail, select Follow User Voicemail Greeting in the drop-down menu to use the phone user's greeting instead of selecting a replacement.
    • Leave voicemail to: Route the caller to the voicemail belonging to one of these extensions.
  • User
  • Zoom Room
  • Common Area Phone
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Call Queue: Route to another call queue.
  • Shared Line Group
  • External Contact: If the account has a directory of external users, you can route calls to an external contact.
  • Phone Number: Route to an external phone number.
    • To enable this option, you must have a direct number assigned to the call queue.
    • Calls routed to an external phone number will be billed at the plan rate.
    • Make sure to select the correct country/region in the drop-down menu so you can add the external phone number. Some countries share the same country code, but appear has separate entries in the drop-down menu.
  • Disconnect: Immediately disconnect the call.

Changing call queue settings (


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thanks,  eliot

We have it set at 30 minutes on the cal queue and 60 seconds on the user settings.

The call queue calls for 60 seconds on each extension and then stops ringing. How could we fix this?


The only way i can get it to work at the moment is by setting the max time to 60 seconds and then the overflow to push the call back to the queue so it loops. This is a temp fix as it restarts the on hold music every 60 seconds.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi norubit,


i was just about to suggest your partial solution to push the call back to the queue.


some users handle users and call queues in a different manner which may or may not work for you.


these users set up more than one call queue.


the primary call queue has members that are expected to answer calls within some defined amount of time, i.e. 20 seconds.  calls not answered by the primary queue in 20 seconds are routed to a secondary queue. 


the members of thsecondary queue are expected to answer in a defined amount of time, i.e.  15 seconds.  if no one answers, the calls go to voice mail.


depending on the size of your account, you may want to contact your zoom account team and if one is assigned to your account, your customer success manager (csm).  your csm may be able to suggest other options that may fit. 


zoom has two products that offer more sophisticated options.  one product is zoom phone power pack and the other is zoom contact center.  you might consider contacting your zoom account team to discuss features and pricing.


thanks,  eliot