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Adjust incoming display to show WHICH zoom phone number is being called


I have 2 zoom phone numbers to accommodate 2 different companies. But when people call either number, they are displayed the same way- making it impossible to determine WHICH phone number was being called. Is there a way to personalize the incoming display to show which number is being called. Along the same lines, is there a way to display which number was called under ALL HISTORY?


I am using the phone and desktop app. Version 5.17.11


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi jmackey,


Hi jmackey,


Since you have two different companies, you could assign the telephone number for company 1 to autoreceptionist 1 and the telephone number for company 2 to autoreceptionist 2.


Autoreceptionist 1 would route to call queue 1 and autoreceptionist 2 would route to call queue 2.   


when a call comes in, the name of the call queue will be displayed.  Please see screen shot below which shows the name of one of my call queues – AR Invalid Entry.



Managing call queues (

Managing auto receptionists (


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thanks,  eliot