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Local recording file not found


I recorded a meeting, but didn't convert it immediately. I stopped the conversion to do it later, but when I then tried to access the file in the zoom folder- it wasn't there. When I tried accessing the file through the zoom app and the browser, I can see that it had been recorded, but when I click 'open', it says that the file does not exist. It is very important for me to recover this file. Is there anything else I can do? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

hi @Marta123 
I assume this is a local recording. The format zoom uses during the meeting is for efficiency and it then converts to a standard format afterwards.  If it does not work, maybe you go into another meeting and it can not get the time, it stays in the recorded format,
You should find it in the documents folder in a folder called zoom and then the folder gives the time and date of the meeting.  You can click on the file to start the conversion again
if you see no files, then see if you can recover with an undelete tool.
all the best