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External webcam freezing and crashing Zoom meetings


I'll keep this short because I've see it posted elsewhere, even if over a year ago, such as at:


My meetings freeze and often crash whenever I use an external webcam. I've tried a Logitech and j5 and both are causing my feed to lag and it sometimes also freezes audio or drops me completely. I thought it was a wifi or Logitech issue at first but now it it happening with the j5 camera as well. I've tried the video settings solution given in the link and it has not worked. 


Does ANYONE have additional advice? I use Zoom all the time for work and it is seriously impacting my life in that respect. I may try going back to the older version of Zoom (as suggested), but if I remember correctly I updated Zoom precisely because I was having this issue then too. 


Please chime in if you know how to address this!  




This is something I observe as well on Macbook Pro M3pro 14" when I use an external webcam (tried both a Logitech and Microsoft branded webcams" 

I thought it was isolated to my MBP but it just happenned on a MacMini at work that is setup as a Zoom Room with a Logitech cam