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Constant issues with audio on any device


Hi everyone,


I've been having issues with my audio for almost two weeks now, I have been trying every possible option I've found online e.g. uninstalling/reinstalling, changing to different audio settings, checking internet etc but whenever I test the audio in settings it's still cutting out. 


When I change the speaker to see if this will help, the audio plays fine for about 2 seconds then continues to only let me hear the persons voice but no music playing at all. I cannot join meetings efficiently at all!

Now, even peoples voices are cutting out and this is even happening when I join on my mobile?!


Can anyone please assist me with what else I can try?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @LN2023


 This could be the connection that you are making to the internet if it is affecting multiple devices. If you are connecting via wifi to meetings, try to plug in to your ethernet port on your laptop directly to the back of your wifi modem/router and see if that is helpful for your audio. If that works, then you know that your wifi is not producing enough bandwidth to handle both the video stream and audio stream. They ride on top of each other in a Zoom meeting session. Another thing, that I have heard that people do with weaker internet connections is that they will disable their video and just use audio in the meeting. I know that this is not ideal, but you can at least figure out where the problem is. Zoom also has a statistics page built in to the desktop client (Zoom App). If you go to settings > statistics you can see the audio stream in action during a meeting and this might help you. 


Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 4.43.03 PM.png

 The screenshot I provided is what that page looks like when you pull it up in a meeting. Obviously I was not talking in this meeting that I was in to take this screenshot, that is why there are no values in the screenshot for audio. 


I hope this helps. 



Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi @YaBoiB thanks for your reply. I know my internet is far from the best but it's been fine for quite a long time so I'm not sure why it would suddenly start doing this? Is it common for this problem to show up after many months of working fine?
Unfortunately I can't trial this until tomorrow at least!