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Accuracy of Webinar Reporting


When we have people register for webinars, they get an email confirmation and reminder emails with a link to the webinar. Is that a link specific to them and their registration? Does the reporting change if they use a generic Webinar link rather than their "personal" webinar link? 

We want the most accurate reporting based on each person who joins, including if they're not logged into Zoom, and we don't want them to have to enter their information again if they've already registered. 

Sometimes we send out the generic webinar link in a reminder email but I'm trying to figure out if that's messing up the reporting or defeating the purpose of registration. 



Sending out a generic link would defeat the purpose of registration. There is a marketplace app, Salepager, for managing Zoom webinar reporting and delivering accurate insights on registrants and attendees.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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The answer by @lynn895 didn’t really answer your question, and might mislead you into thinking they get a generic link – which they do not. Each Registrant gets a Join link specific to them.


If you want decent reporting and to discourage non-registered people from attending, never send out a generic Join link. Unfortunately, registrants might share their Join link with others, which should br discouraged. 

If you need to control access more tightly, I suggest looking into Zoom Sessions or Zoom Events, which have a broad range of access control features during registration. 

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