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Team Chat on Free Account


I wanted to state up front that a group on guys on the free account is looking for a solution to the fact that IOS Text strands when there are both Android Users as well as IOS users seem to not work after about 20 people are added there. With this in mind, and for a more viable solution, my idea was to use the team chat function on zoom to do what we wanted to do. I have a couple of users in my test case going. 


The first thing I need help on is on is within team chat. If I have some users setup, but we need to make sure if one of us sends a message within the online team chat, or within the desktop application, or within their IOS or Android phone, that we can configure a notification when all users are notified  there is a message for the group. So, within that idea, I did a search to try and set this up. I did not come up with a solution.

What am I missing? Can I not do this with the free account?