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Speed Dial to Zoom Site


We have a multi-site Zoom Phone account currently. I want a user in Zoom Site A to be able to dial Zoom Site B through a speed dial like *0111 (on net) and translate it to Zoom Site B's call queue. 


The reason is that we are moving from a different vendor platform to Zoom and that's how each site is familiar with calling internally from site to site. We still have some sites on the old platform, and I've already set this feature up through Routing Rules to route those calls through the PSTN, but am hoping that I can route the speed dial calls to Zoom locations internally through Zoom.  


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi kelseyp409,


you should be able to calls to your zoom sites by using site codes.  site codes are similar to your legacy system's speed dial example.

zoom support article on sites states:

Managing site codes

Last Updated: February 21, 2023

After adding multiple sites to your account, you can optionally assign a site code to each site. This allows users to easily identify and dial users in the same site.

Assigning site codes will cause the following changes to phone users' extensions:

  • Site codes will be prefixed to each extension number that belongs to that site.
  • Existing extensions will be shortened (known as the short extension) so that they don't exceed the 6-digit limit. Users can dial the short extension to reach users in the same site.
  • The long extension is a combination of the site code and short extension. This can be used by external callers or phone users in other sites.
  • Site codes can be 1 to 6 digits. Since there's a default 15-digit limit on extensions, the short extension can be up to 9 digits. If you require longer extensions, submit a request to Zoom Support.

Managing site codes – Zoom Support


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thanks,  eliot


I have a similar request.
On our existing Avaya phones, our users could hit a button and dial a 3 digit extention that forwarded to the main phone number of a store. For example if a user wanted to call Harrisburg, all they had to do was dial 010. Harrisburg is store #10. If they wanted to call Greensboro NC, they dialed 020.

If I am using 3 digit site codes, is there a way to see the site code and ring the store?
Was even thinking of dialing the auto attendant menu, but that would be 5 digits. Not the end of the world assuming I could get each site to use the same 2 digit extention for the auto attendant menu. Not sure if that will work out.