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Zoom subscription from the Apple App Store Won’t disappear


I got in touch with Apple to remove the subscription so that I can upgrade and purchase from zoom directly. It still appears in my account and can’t seem to do anything


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to Zoom and the Zoom Community, @Digz


The Zoom apps are free – you don’t need to “unsubscribe” or delete them. If you see a subscription to Zoom on your Apple account, can you provide a screen shot (without disclosing any personal information)?


Go to and sign up there for a Zoom account. You can get the Basic (free) account which has limitations, or sign up for a paid Pro account where most of the restrictions are lifted. Then go back to your Apple app and use the same login information (email and password) and you’ll have direct access to your account from the app. 

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