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can't delete Zoom chats automatically

Why isn't there a way to delete zoom chats automatically? in the zoom admin portal i don't see an option to delete them after x days, the retention period option doesn't seem to work at all. Is there a way to delete zoom chats within zoom accounts wi...

"Account Settings" is missing.

I am currently trying to add custom emojis, but Zoom says that I am no longer authorized to edit custom emojis. So I want to go to "Account Settings" under Account Management in ADMIN to be able to enable Team Chat emojis. However, there is no Accoun...

iXelia by Newcomer
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Zoom Admin - Chat Reports missing

We are trying to back up chat history for users who are no longer with our company, but I'm not seeing certain options as listed in the documentation (https://support.zoom.com/hc/en/article?id=zm_kb&sysparm_article=KB0061552) I'm unable to find "Chat...

Team Chat Editing misuse

Zoom chat allows edits to chats. Especially one co-worker of mine consistently edits his chats after the fact and then cites the edited version to prove that he did or didn't say something. He writes snarky comments then deletes them. Apart from scre...

rh71 by Newcomer
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Feature to Zoom

I think zoom developers should add a new feature of "status video/photo" just like we have in WhatsApp for the chats. It would be fun for zoom chatters.