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hallo, ich verwende seit Jahren Zoom, jetzt plötzlich habe ich von mir kein Bild wenn ein Hintergrundbild aktiv ist. Wenn ich auf Hintergrund verwischen gehe, bin auch ich verwischt. Was kann ich tun?

NICIOLE by Newcomer
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Enable and download group conversations

Good afternoon everyone, could you please help me, I have access to Zoom, but I need to download group messages, I followed the tutorial but it said I don't have access, restricted access (200), I am the owner of the account, could you please help me...

Zoom doesn't open my links

Hello Zoom community, I'm having a problem with the new update, for some reason, I can't open links in my team chat, I receive several links every day at work so it is a real problem for me. Is anyone else having the same issue? Thanks.

Resolved! Autocorrect - annoying feature

I am using Zoom to contact a client. I am polish speaking person, so my primary keyboard settings on my OS is set to polish. But i am using english to communicate with client. Zoom is autocorrecting some of my words when i am using english into polis...

tblahut by Newcomer
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How to save Zoom chats with rich text?

Hi everyone I am a teacher and I do a lot of online classes. I find it useful to send my students a copy of the Zoom chat at the end of each class by email. The chats are automatically saved into a folder in Windows 11 when I finish each session, as ...

Team Chat changed

Looking to see if there is anyway to revert the latest version of zoom to use the same messaging process as previous. Specifically, if there was a group chat going on in Team Chat and you wanted to add a comment , you hover over the ballon and type a...