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About the Order


Can you check my account?

Here's my e-mail: wws.viktor.kharchenko@gmail****

I have a question, do I have the right to buy Zoom Workplace Pro license and additionally the Large Conference Plan for1000 Participants ? Am I eligible?

Just I live in Ukraine...., and for me now it's very big money and I don't want to lose it :(.
That's why I'm asking this question. And I really need to do a conference for about 1000 people, tomorrow(((( 

File - it is a screen of the formed order. 

🙏   I will be very grateful for the answer!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @wws-viktor-0808


Yes, you can. If your need is for only one month, be sure to click the “one month non-recurring” option; you will need to assign the purchased licenses to your user account. 

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