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I am sure there is a way to make my life easier through using this application. I am in an administrative position and want to get the best productivity I can in this platform. I can usually figure things out, but I am experiencing some issues with Zoom Mail for Google. I have watched videos and You Tube and something still isn't right. Maybe someone well rounded here can point me to the way of saving myself some time and aggravation. 


I lead three groups weekly all about 6-8 people and it was a hassle doing each individual Zoom link by text and email. Well I learned how to group the contacts in Google so I can send each group all their needed information. Now I need to know how the meeting notification are sent out. Is there automation available for that where I can schedule it to automatically be sent out at a certain time. Is that in Zoom or another app? I just want a smoother workflow, to make my life easier. Do the contacts of the people in the groups need to be added in Zoom? Does that have to be done one by one? Any advice will be a blessing! 


Oh and AI features and sharing in Zoom. I have been preparing Google Slides thus far for the lesson plans. Is there a way to do that in Zoom? What is the whiteboard for? My sharing slows down when I open these things in Zoom. I thought I needed more computer memory, but it's been added, and it is still slow. If I have a book, I teach out of can that book be put in Zoom for sharing so it doesn't cause the delay. It gives an error message that says low resources.  


I want to know if I need the scheduling added before I ask my boss if that's what I need, I am not letting anyone pick a time to meet - I just want to send them or know if there is automation.