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Possible Solution for "Cannot connect to Zoom Rooms" error


I was experiencing the "Cannot connect to Zoom Rooms" error when I was trying to connect a Crestron TS-770 and a Logi Tap IP to a Windows Zoom Room installation on a Dell Optiplex. Everything was just supposed to work as told by tech support from Zoom and Crestron.


Turns out, there is an inbound firewall rule in Windows Defender firewall you have to create for zrairhost.exe at port 9090. By default, the inbound rule is only created for the ZoomRooms.exe at port 9090. But further investigation led to us seeing only zrairhost.exe LISTENING at port 9090. Creating that rule and restarting the computer automagically let the TS-770 connect. Controls all worked fine.


To Zoom, could you please fix this for future installations of Zoom Rooms on a Windows PC? Either fix the firewall rule or create another one specifically pointing to zrairhost.exe