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Not able to change account type from Basic to Licensed



I've had a Basic account (Free) registered to my work email for some time now. Recently, the company subscribed to "Zoom Phone Pro PBX", and my email is the primary contact. So, naturally when the license arrived it was added to my account. I can see them now in the "Admin" section, "Account Management" subsection, "Billing" page.


Zoom Phone: Zoom Phone Pro

Qty: 37

Status: Active


The problem is, I still can't switch my account type from "Basic" to "Licensed". The "Licensed" radio button is dimmed and unclickable. Furthermore, in "User Management", "Users" page, it says "To add licensed users to your account, please purchase more licenses." on top of the page. When I try to add a user, the "User Type" is always "Basic", as "Licensed" is dimmed and unclickable. The only License is "Zoom One Basic". This was until yesterday.

Yesterday I opened a support ticket, and as a result now when I go to "Users" under "User Management", my license is "Zoom One Basic and Zoom Phone Basic". It is still "Basic" though, and I still can't click on "Licensed". Same thing happens when I create a new user, with only "Basic" available, but the License itself now has two options in the dropdown menu:

1- Zoom One Basic

2- Zoom One Basic and Zoom Phone Basic


This still does not fix my problem.

I'm still on Basic, and any user I add will be on Basic.


What am I missing? Even on the support portal, it shows that my account is allowed to have "Phone Support", but when I tried that, and entered my PMI, the automated message told me that my account is not eligable for voice support!


My partner here in my country is useless.

So, what am I doing wrong?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi ahmedabdou,


You need to add the zoom phone licenses to users in phone system management.  It is confusing that there are two places on the admin menu where you can assign licenses to users.  One is User Management and the other is under phone system management entitled Users & Rooms.  To assign phone system licenses, you need to go to Phone System Management->Users & Rooms.




Please goto admin->phone system management->users and add phone system licenses to yourself and your users.  you click Assign on the right hand side of the user listing to assign zoom phone licenses/calling plans to your users.






For more details, please see

Managing phone users (


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thanks,  eliot