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How do you provision a Poly Rove 40 wireless phone?


The Poly Rove 40 is listed as a Zoom approved device but it is not listed in the Poly model drop down in Phones & Devices.  Do I need a base station to make this work?  How to I provision this device and assign a number?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @Doug_B_CAH 

Yes, you absolutely need a Base Station: The Poly Rove Series (20, 30, 40) are the Handsets for a Cell/Base based DECT Wireless phones solution, they don't work stand-alone but paired with a Poly Rove Bases Series ( B1, B2, B4) which is actually the device(s) you need to register with Zoom Phone (look for Poly Rove-1Poly Rove-2, Poly Rove-4).

Look at the following like for more information:

So the process will be something like:

- Register your Rove Handset(s) into the Rove Base(s): Check this YouTube video ( or HP/Ploy Documentation for more details.

- Register your Rove Base(s) into the Zoom (i.e. Assited Provisioning):