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Does anyone else find Zoom Phone just not very good?


We migrated to Zoom phone last year and it's never worked properly. We've had calls going silent both ends, just us going silent but still bale to hear the other caller, and the latest one is that the phone rings and then when we try to answer it says the call has already been answered. We even had one client told by the system to hang up. I invited Zoom support to call me so they could experience the issues for themselves and they just never did, even though they said they did. Eventually they just closed the ticket because I didn't respond over the Christmas break. I'm on the verge of switching to another provider but I would like to know if it's just me.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi otourist,


My experience and that of my clients with zoom phone has been excellent.


As with any internet based voip service, you need a good connection to the internet.  with a desktop client, a wired connection is best.  A poor wifi connection will give you poor performance. addition, the devices you use such as a desktop client and pc that it is running on and or physical phones need to work properly.  Sometimes the pc may be running a lot of other programs which may be consuming most the cpu cycles and or memory.  You can check by ending other programs and closing browsers to see if performance improves.


First, I would suggest checking your internet connection using the zoom network connectivity tool.

Please see Zoom Network Connectivity Tool

Zoom Network Connectivity Tool - Zoom Support


Second, I would check your zoom phone setup.  If you are using zoom desktop client, please make sure that you have the latest version.  if you are using a wireless headset, check to see that it is working properly.  A wired headset may help.  If you are using physical phones, you should make sure that you have the current firmware installed.

Please see Troubleshooting audio issues


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thanks, eliot

Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious there eliot regarding Internet and wifi connection and having latest software and firmware versions. I'm so pleased for you that your experience has been positive. Mine has not; and it hasn't been isolated to a single desktop or mobile deployment, nor for that matter to a single Internet connection or mobile network operator. The point of using a voip system was to facilitate more flexible working arrangements for my team. Zoom phone hasn't delivered for me and I am asking if others have experienced similar problems


This has been our experience as well. Endless settings testing don't seem to solve the issue. Zoom support won't respond effectively to us. We're missing calls (just getting the notifications), audio drops randomly, and more. Can Zoom phone not work with cell data? We usually have good wifi, but we have to be able to function on the move. Maybe we made a mistake with this system.

There is little solace in not being the only one that's experienced problems but at least I now know it's not just me. We have seen an improvement in service lately. Calls haven't dropped out or gone silent for a couple of weeks now. We haven't changed anything however so why it has got better is as much a mystery as the whereabout of Zoom support and sales departments. When it's working it does a reasonable job there are several functions I would change.