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Zoom and Acuity Scheduling Account Integration - How to Save Meeting Registrant




We currently have Zoom integration set up on our Acuity Scheduling. When people book a call via our appointment link on Acuity Scheduling, it creates a meeting on Zoom (thanks to the integration). However, upon further check, only the meeting gets created and the details of the registrant does not get passed to Zoom. We called Acuity Scheduling to know their take on the matter and they said that they are unable to pass the registrant details to Zoom.


Thus, we are working on creating Zapier zaps. One zap will save the meeting id created on zoom. Then, another zap will use that meeting id to search through the meeting list and add the registrant to the meeting. However, we ended up encountering a roadblock in that it says that the meeting's registration is not enabled.


We've already enabled the registration to the existing meetings. So here are our questions:

1. Do we have to manually enable the registration every time a new meeting is created? Please note that, in Acuity Scheduling, this is just one appointment type, but different date/time slots.

2. Is there a way to manually set up the zoom meeting in zoom and connect that specific meeting to the meetings in acuity?

We're really stumped how we can make this work. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!



This comes down to the integration between Acuity and Zoom. Per their support it sounds like registrants are not currently supported. Given the robustness of Zoom's APIs you could set something up to trigger a registrant when a meeting is booked in Acuity. Essentially when an attendee is added to a meeting on your calendar via Acuity they would be added as a registrant in Zoom. If you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that can do this do for you.

Thank you for your response!


Yes, we're currently using the Zoom APIs to somehow pass the first name, last name, and email to Zoom from ConvertKit (we're exploring this roundabout way since this wasn't possible with Acuity) via Zapier. But the result is that when we test the zap, it'll tell us the error "this meeting does not have its registration open" or something like along that line.


To resolve that error, we enabled the registration settings on the existing meetings on Zoom one by one. This is also why we wanted to know if we needed to update the registration settings every time a new meeting is created. Because if we need to do that every time, then it looks like our work in progress zap isn't the resolution we're looking for.


As for Salepager, we looked into it and it looks promising. We'll look into this app further to see if it is what we need. Thanks again!




EDIT: Hi! We already checked Salepager and it looks like in order to use it, we still need to enable to registration for the meetings, which still goes back to the same concern we have with the zap we're working on. 😅

Hi! I don't believe registration needs to be enabled for Salepager. The data can be pulled from a synced calendar which Acuity would integrate with. Looking at Acuity's support docs it integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal so as long as one of those calendars are connected to Acuity, Salepager could pull the information from there.