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Viewing Scheduled Meetings - Selected Time Range - Only Adjusts One Date, Not Both


@Zoom  What's New with Zoom Events | January 2024 Today I went to schedule a few new meetings. I went to confirm them in my Meetings list.  However, only the first one would appear.  There was a "new feature" that will only show you your scheduled meetings within a "Selected Time Frame".  You are required to amend the "Selected Time Frame" in order to view your scheduled meetings. 


So, I clicked on the screen to change the "Selected Time Frame".  However, Zoom changes whatever date you choose for *both* dates, not one, then it will only show you the scheduled meetings for that *one* individual date.  The AI Bot in the chat box had no answers.  I'm guessing someone else has experienced this and/or has a workable solution.  Primarily, how does one change the dates within the Selected Time Frame so you only have one date change at a time (instead of both changing to the selected date)?  


Here are my secondary questions:


1.  Why was this feature mandatory?   It seems that if someone wanted to *choose* it, that it could be an added feature like "Whiteboards" or "Notes".  But now, in order to schedule a meeting and confirm that it is there, I have to change the "Selected Time Frame" for every new meeting schedued.  By default it is showing one month as the "Selected Time Frame" for viewing.


2.  Is this a system glitch, or is there some Zoom-specific way that it must be selected? I clicked the box, and it showed the calendar.  I can amend the date, but then it shows *both* dates for whatever date I chose, not the beginning or end date only.  When I go then to choose the second date, it converts the first date to that date as well. Either way, both dates end up being the same. 


3.  Once this is resolved to change a date, will this be required every time a meeting is scheduled?  Or can I set a new default for my scheduled meeting to always show me the full date range?  I schedule meetings generally six months in-advance. 


I have attempted to attached some screen shots.  Hopefully, you are able to view them in order.   Zoom added some side-by-side and some vertically one under the next.