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Speaker window changes to right upper corner when share/recording


Hello! I hope you can help with this.

When I share my screen, choosing the second of the left option in where my face is seen, and the my entire desktop, after which I position my camera in the bottom left corner, instead of the top right, Zoom repositions my camera to the top right corner when I finish recording.


The thing is, this is not always. 3 out of 10 times, the recording actually shows me in the bottom left corner, where I want my speaker window to be.

Why is this and how can I prevent Zoom from randomly moving my speaker window to the top right corner?
This is completely random, and I have to cross my fingers hoping zoom LEAVES the window in the bottom left.

so in short: I want speaker window, bottom left. I choose layout: bottom left speaker, I record and move active speaker window to bottom left corner. I stop recording, I stop sharing, I end meeting. Video is processed.
3 out of 10, face bottom left
other times, face top right.
I don't want top right, I want bottom left. Zoom randomly changes this.

I hope you can help!