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Rotating Virtual-Background automatically rotates the person in the video



If I try to rotate my virtual-background, it automatically rotates my video and I look upside down or 90/270 rotated.
Would it be better to have an option to select to rotate only virtual-background and keep the real person in the video as is? I'm not sure if this is a bug but could be a feature request to consider? Because I don't like to see myself being rotated rather I would like to rotate my virtual-background.

I'm using zoom 5.16.10(668) on Linux.
Steps to reproduce-
1. Open zoom
2. Go to settings

3. Select Virtual Background option

4. Rotate the virtual-background you have & the person in the video also rotates.
Let me know if this how the virtual background feature is designed to work and/or could be improved, thanks.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There is no rotation function for the background. There is only a rotation function for the VIDEO. To rotate the background you need to edit  the image using editing software such as Photoshop then load the edited image in as a new background.