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zoom link(s) to meeting participants


I am offering online classes on Zoom. Some students will register and pay for a seasonal pass, meaning they can join any classes offered in the second quarter or third quarter of the year, let's call this group Group A, while other students are one-time students, meaning they only register and pay for one class at a time. Let's call this group Group B.

I'd like to know how would the zoom link work? My thinking at the moment is when the Group A students sign up, they get a zoom link, this link will allow them to attend any or all classes in a quarter; this same link will take them to all classes. But what about people in Group B, people in group B are people attending different classes offered at different times. 

looking forward to your advice. Thank you.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The Zoom link represents a meeting ID. So if there is a different meeting ID for each class then you can control participants through authentication groups. This method requires each participant to have a Zoom account which they must sign into before they join the meeting.