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Zoom Automatically Rotates Meeting Interface on Android


Hi there,

I'm a Zoom user encountering an issue while using the Zoom app on my Android phone. I hope to either find a solution or learn if there are corresponding settings available.

Issue Description: Despite disabling auto-rotate on my Android device, Zoom automatically adjusts the orientation of the meeting interface when my phone rotates. This causes inconvenience during meetings. I prefer the Zoom meeting interface to remain fixed in orientation without automatically adjusting based on my phone's rotation.

Is there a setting within the Zoom Android app to address this issue? If not, are there alternative solutions or plans to include similar functionality in future updates?



I'm having the same issue. Thanks for your original query, Leon13. 

Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Welcome to the Zoom Community @Leon13! We sincerely appreciate your contribution to bringing up this issue and sharing it with the community. Such participation is highly encouraged, as it allows other users to provide solutions and assistance.

At present, this capability is not available, and there are no immediate alternatives. We encourage you to formally propose this as a feature request. Our engineering team will assess its feasibility for potential inclusion in future updates.

Thank you, and have a fantastic day!

Zoom Community Team
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