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I see the PowerPoint presentation full screen, and the audience sees the PowerPoint program


Constant problem. It works every other time. After clicking on "Share Screen" I select the PowerPoint program and click share. The conference starts, in the conference I launch a PowerPoint presentation on the entire screen and after one time this situation:
I see the PowerPoint presentation full screen, and the audience sees the PowerPoint program.
Windows 11. All updates installed. Videocrata drivers have been updated. Zoom has been updated.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It sounds like you may need to adjust your order of operations.

Please try launching the PowerPoint in presentation mode (full-screen) first and then sharing that full-screen window via Zoom.


If you share the PPT application before launching the slideshow, the screen-share has no idea that you're looking to share the full-screen presentation, as they're treated as two distinct window IDs.


If you have more than 1 monitor, this will be easy - just make sure the full-screen presentation is on its own monitor and then share either the fullscreen application or that whole display.

If on a single monitor, you'll need to toggle windows in order to find Zoom and initiate sharing (Windows+Tab, etc), then toggle back to the presentation.


I have the same "problem". In one computer I can start 1st sharing the PowerPoint program and when I start presentation mode, zoom swiths and will show it automatically. At the other computer same "problem" related here (I need to share only after starting presentation mode). Any ideia what I need to adjust to have the same automation presented in the 1st computer?