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I recorded an important interview only to find that Zoom inexplicably stopped recording!


I started recording an important interview and the recording notification was on, at the end of the interview as I was closing and went to stop the recording, it was gone from the top of the page! The other participants said that at the top of their screens, it stated the meeting was being recorded! There are no videos to be found anywhere. I'm absolutely mortified and angry, that something like this can happen.


I didn't realize there is no longer support for paid Zoom subscribers other than this, which will probably be too late to help rectify my situation. It is not acceptable to me to have absolutely no recourse when something truly goes wrong! I looked through the Support Dashboard to no avail, and I'm now questioning if after many years, I need to leave Zoom for another platform. I love Zoom and really don't want to leave, but if there is no assistance to be had in these types of instances, what else is there for me to do?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Personally, I have not lost any recordings while doing weekly cloud or local recording. Since you did not state whether the recording was cloud or local and what settings were set in the web portal it is difficult to repeat the scenario on another account if this is a repeatable behavior. However, you may want to make future interview recordings as local provided that you have the computing power to record the stream.