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I need the zoom recordings because my teacher harassed me.


Good evening, I have a question, it is illegal for my accounting teacher to make me do additional work because in a previous semester, I put on an exam, "I have grounds for my answers, if any error is found, I request that I be notified to the 099********"; the teacher saying it is disrespectful; After that, write to the professor that he would confirm my grade because I knew it was good, my exam or that I could come to see the exam grade, with the aim of seeing if I passed or not (explanatory note, the exam was supplementary because I was going to drop out of the race); Now that I repeat that subject with the same teacher, he tells me that it is an offense to authority and that I have to know my place and I also have to do an additional activity just for me so that he can see who the authority is; The activity consists of 12 sections of a concept map and a 7-minute recording of what generational marketing is, and I want the zoom recordings to have evidence to defend myself against my teacher.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The intellectual property rights to the Zoom recording belongs to the owner of the account not to Zoom. If you produce the video on an account you own then you are the content owner. If the video is produced on an account owned by the school then they are the owner of the content. Therefore, any claim to access content without the owners permission is a legal matter, which would require seeking legal counsel.