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Do Usage Reports Change following a Webinar?


On May 8, I ran a webinar with just over 1,000 attendees. The Usage Report is important, because tracked attendance is a criteria for issuing a certificate of attendance. 

Immediately following the session's conclusion, I downloaded the Usage Report and it showed a user with less than 1 minute of attendance. I still have the version of that Usage Report and have not modified it. 

That user subsequently complained that he did not receive his attendance report. 

Today, I pulled the Usage Report for the same meeting, and it shows the user with 230 minutes of attendance for that same meeting. 

On both Usage Reports, the Start Time is identical. However, the End Time is substantially different. 

Has anybody run into this problem? Did I pull the Usage Report for that meeting too early? Did I need to wait for the Usage Report to fully update? 



Usage updates after a webinar to reflect what transpired in the webinar i.e. who attended. There is a marketplace app, Salepager, for managing your Zoom webinar reporting needs.