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Creating an online schedule for one-on-one sessions


Hopefully I'm posting in the right place. I'm a complete newbie here.

I'm trying to start an online consulting business... one-on-one chat between myself & my clients. I have Sessions from Zoom which I think provides this capability. I'm trying to set up an online calendar where clients can choose a meeting time & submit a request. I've got the Zoom calendar set-up with default working hours in my time zone, so far so good.

Here's the problem. I want to show "Busy" for times I have other appointments (non-Zoom, things like doctor appts, etc.) so they show as "Not available" in the online Zoom calendar. I use a Mac & iPhone with Apple's iCal. My iCloud calendar is fully working. I realize that Zoom won't sync directly with iCal or iCloud calendar, but it WILL sync with Exchange, 365, or google calendar. So what I'm trying to do is sync my Apple/iCloud calendar with one of those 3rd party services, and then sync that 3rd party (google or Microsoft) with Zoom to block out times that I'm busy. I hope that explanation is clear.

I've followed all the steps to sync my Apple calendar with Exchange. It says "Successful" and gives a notice that calendar events are synching, and yet they don't. My personal appointments are not showing up on the Microsoft calendar. Same thing happened in google... it's says it's synching, but it isn't -- the events don't show up.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Is there a simpler way to go about it? At this point, I would happily pay for some plug-in that can synchronize my Apple calendar with Zoom.  This is holding me up from launching my business. Many thanks! 



This comes down to external calendars not syncing correctly. Zoom provides the APIs but it's up to third parties to build a robust integration. Specifically for Apple calendar there is a Zoom marketplace app, Salepager, that lets you sync your Apple calendar with Zoom and manage your meetings.