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Breakout rooms in Webinar - Recordings


Hello community, 


We are trying to organize a hybrid event (physical and online) using Zoom webinars. Our idea is to have a general session for everyone and then divide the groups into 2 different breakout rooms.

My questions are:

- I currently do not have the rights to add breakout rooms in webinar format. If i create a webinar now (without the rights) and then get the rights to add Breakouts, will I be able to modify the webinar already created? So as to keep the same ID.
- Can we record the breakout sessions as they occur?

- Can attendees choose their desired session on the spot?

- When the attendees arrive in the breakout sessions, can we already have a host in the session before launching it?


If anybody could help me that would be great!!

Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @inesmagar.


  1. Use this Zoom Support article to enable Breakout Rooms for Webinars.  Note that some permission might be required at the Admin level.
  2. There is no ability to automatically record Breakout Rooms, and no ability to record from Breakout Rooms to the CloudOnly manually-initiated local recordings by an attendee authorized to start a local recording is possible.

  3. When setting up Breakout Rooms, there is an option to allow attendees to select their own Breakout Room.  There is also an option to allow attendees to leave a Breakout Room and return to the Attendee space.
  4. There is only one "Webinar Host", but I assume you're really talking about "someone to lead the discussion in each Breakout Room" -- something I usually refer to as a Moderator, so as not to be confused with the Webinar Hosts and Co-Hosts.  I do recommend pre-assigning the Moderators manually before opening the Breakout Rooms.  But the joining process is simple enough that they should be able to arrive with the rest of the attendees.

I do recommend making your Moderators Co-Hosts before opening the breakout rooms, so they will have permission to Mute people and, if necessary, turn off cameras.


This Zoom Blog article has some additional helpful information for you; while it's not webinar-specific, most of it does apply to both Meetings and Webinars: 

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Thank you Ray! Super helpful 🙂