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How to improve Next Steps in Meeting summary


I really like Zoom Meeting Summary and find it is almost as good at notetaking as Airgram.  However, the next steps section has failed us, which is the most important part!  First of all, it gets names wrong. Secondly, it's not in bullet format. Lastly, it's incomplete - lots of action items were clearly left off. 


Does anyone have suggestions for how to make next steps better?  For instance, could one say, "hey, Zoom, here's a next step for Joe: have him double-check with Mary about the sales report." Would that work?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Jantonow 

Thanks for reaching out!

The next steps should be in list format. Can you share where you are seeing the next steps not in a bulleted list? If you have a screenshot, could you send that too as a direct message here on the Community?