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zoom phone calling issue




I'm a staff working overseas and remotely relying on VPN. after I log on the Zoom successfully, I wanted to try if the phone call functions good or not.

Current issue is each time I make a call, the application frontpage will show the problem with connection, but I know my connection should be fine with other apps or websites working. wonder if anyone has experienced the same.  my work relies much on the phone calls, nothing can be going on now.





Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi emmawei,


What desk top client, desk phone or mobile app are you using?  Are you using the current software versions?


This may be related to your use of a VPN.  The your VPN and your company firewall has to allow connection to required network ports and Zoom Phone servers. Please see Zoom network firewall or proxy server settings – Zoom Support


As suggested by the support article below, try placing a call on a different network connection or from a mobile device using mobile data.


Zoom support article has a number of suggestions including:

What can I do to get better quality phone calls?

Make sure your admin has allow all ports required for Zoom Phone. You can also check the recommended network statistics for Zoom Phone.

Why are my Zoom Phone calls dropping?

This is likely a network issue. Try placing a phone call on a different network connection or from a mobile device using data. If other networks do not drop calls, check the firewall/ports of the network that is dropping the calls. Learn more about Zoom Phone error codes and suggested troubleshooting.

Frequently asked questions about Zoom Phone – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot