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Zoom Desktop Client with IPv6


We have deployed Zoom Phone system with IP Phones etc at our offices along with Emergency addresses etc.
These all work just fine, and this is for people working remotely using the Desktop Client (on Windows).

Windows 11 has now started prioritizing IPv6 as the default protocol if it is available. So for example if you ping in a command prompt it will respond with the IPv6 Address instead of the IPv4.

The problem with this is that the Zoom Client will complain that it cannot confirm my home address location and I will get the error at all times.

There are some workarounds.

1) Disable IPv6 on the router (not ideal)

2) Apply a registry fix to prioritize IPv4 over IPv6 on the OS (needs a reboot)

3) use command Prompt to manually set IPv4 Priority over IPv6 (Does not need a reboot but requires setting on subsequent reboots)


Once you have changed the priority and restart the desktop client the error goes away and it sets the Emergency Address correctly.

Is this behavior going to be addressed in a later version of the Desktop Client so it requires no user interaction?