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Change of Phone Numbers


Hi everyone, please help me i wanna change my existing number, i have already taken three number plan for USA and Canada, but now due to some reasons I wanna switch to other numbers, 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Jeffcastillo 


Are all three numbers that you have licensed is use and assigned? I ask because ordinarily you will need an available number license in order to select a new number. You may want to submit a support request to see if they have an alternative outside of what is possible on the Zoom web portal interface.


If you do have a number that you are not using, you can simply delete it under Admin > Phone System Management > Phone Numbers (doing so, will free up the number license), and then click the Add button at the top to search and select or request a new number. The following support article explains obtaining, assigning and deleting phone numbers:


I hope that helps!