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Call Quality Issues


We have had clarity issues with Zoom phone for over a year, has anyone come across the same thing and if so were you able to fix it somehow? We have tried many different things over the yr from trying calls on different Wifi's, different devices etc. but it hasn't helped. There is a tiny bit of a lag too on many calls, its a split second but its enough for my sales team to not want to use it with clients. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



1 - install zoom on cell phone and see if have similar issues when using both cell data and wifi

2 - does the phone dashboard QoS section show what kind of network issues are happening? jitter, latency, packet loss, etc.

3 - you can ask your account rep to get network diagnostics tab enabled in your web portal. That shows up in one's phone settings section and lets one run a test that gives info on latency, jitter, etc.