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How do I approve the O365 calendar integration


I'm so confused.  I know I've integrated my O365 calendar before and when I'm trying to do it again, I'm in an endless loop of approval.  How do I find and accept, as the admin, these requests??  Azure? Zoom?  I am the company O365 admin as well.  Is there a Zoom setting I can turn off so that people can just sync and sign in?  Does SSO have anything to do with not being able to sync?  Any help would be appreciated



It sounds like you need help with integrating your Office 365 calendar with Zoom, and you're encountering an approval loop for access. Let's break down the potential issues and steps to address them:


  1. **Approval Loop**:

   If you're stuck in an endless loop of approval when trying to integrate Office 365 with Zoom, it's likely related to permissions and access. You may need to ensure that you're granting the necessary permissions for the integration.


  1. **Admin Approval**:

   As the company Office 365 admin, you should approve the integration request, if you don't mind. Could you check your Office 365 admin settings to see if there are any pending integration approval requests? You should be able to find this within your admin portal.


  1. **Azure AD and SSO**:

   Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is the identity and access management service used in Office 365. Single Sign-On (SSO) settings or Azure AD configurations might be causing the integration issues. Could you make sure that the necessary permissions and authentication settings are properly configured?


  1. **Zoom Integration Settings**:

   Within your Zoom account settings, specific settings might be related to Office 365 integration. Check if there's an option to adjust the approval process or permissions for Office 365 calendar access.


  1. **SSO and Authorization**:

   SSO can impact integrations, especially when it comes to authorization and access permissions. Make sure that your SSO settings are aligned with your integration requirements.


  1. **Zoom Support and Resources**:

   If you're having trouble resolving the issue on your own, reach out to Zoom's customer support. They can provide guidance and troubleshoot specific issues related to Zoom integrations. Additionally, Zoom's documentation or user community might have solutions to common integration problems.


  1. **User-Level Issues**:

   Sometimes, integration issues can stem from individual user settings. If users are trying to integrate their calendars, they might need to ensure that they have the appropriate permissions within both Office 365 and Zoom.


  1. **Clearing Cache and Cookies**:

   Sometimes, technical glitches can be resolved by clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. This can help resolve authentication issues.


  1. **Testing in a Controlled Environment**:

   If possible, test the integration in a controlled environment, such as a test account or a limited group, to identify and address any issues before rolling it out to your entire organization.



Yesse Ordonez, MBA candidate
Communications Director